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The Free Software User's Group, Trivandrum
12th July, 2018
The Director,
ICFOSS, Trivandrum
SUBJECT: Request for Computing resources for hosting Free Software QA Forum
Respected Sir,
The Free Software Community in Kerala currently uses the Telegram channel
"GNU/Linux lovers" for solving user's problems related to GNU/Linux and other
free software.
The issue we are facing with the channel right now is that, it forces the
community members to debug issues that have been answered already.
When a person poses a question which is then solved by one of the community
memebers, the solution is stored in the chat history.
When another person faces the same issue at a later point in time, it is hard
for him/her to browse through the chat history and look if there is already a
solution for it.
This means, the community members end up solving the same problems over and
over again.
It would be very helpful for the whole Free Software community in Kerala and
possibly in India, if there would be a forum where questions can be posted. The
obvious advantage being easy browsing and viewing of questions and solutions.
As the head of the premier organization in the Free Software sphere in Kerala,
it would be wonderful if you could arrange for the computing resources needed
for the same.
As the number of simultaneous users on the forum is going to be low initially,
a virtual machine instance with the following configuration would suffice:
Processor : 1 vCPU
Memory : 4 GB
Hoping for a positive response,
The Free Software users Group Trivandrum
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