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## Next Steps
- [ ] Attend to the registrations confirmation meeting, on 10th or 17th October 2021. Details [here](
- [ ] Look at the camp schedule available at and subscribe to [this calendar]( using any calendar app. This will give you date, time and meeting link for all the sessions.
- [ ] We use free/libre software for our communication. Please install one of three applications mentioned below to join the camp chat room. We recommend you install [Quicksy]( and joining via the following link: []( (this link should work for other XMPP clients as well.).
Quicksy requires a phone number to create an account. In case you do not have access to a phone number or prefer not to use your phone number to create an XMPP account, you can follow this [guide]( to create an XMPP account without a phone number on Android.
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