Diaspora authentication for Matrix Synapse.

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A diaspora authenticator for matrix synapse.


This package is easy to install from pypi:

Just run this command to install:

pip install synapse-diaspora-auth

Alternatively, to install from git:

pip install git+https://git.fosscommunity.in/necessary129/synapse-diaspora-auth.git


In your homeserver.yaml file, the password_providers directive should look like this:

  - module: "diaspora_auth_provider.DiasporaAuthProvider"
      pepper: <pepper>
        engine: <db engine>
        name: "<database>"
        username: <db_user>
        password: <db_password>
        host: ""
        port: <port>

You should get pepper from <DIASPORA_HOME>/database.yaml or from <DIASPORA_HOME>/initializers/devise.rb as config.pepper.

the engine should either be mysql or postgres

The port is usually 5432 for PostgreSQL and 3306 for MariaDB/MySQL


synapse-diaspora-auth currently supports MySQL and PostgreSQL as the database engines.


It is recommended to create a seperate user for synapse in the postgres database, with read-only access to <database>.

To do that, first login to postgres as the root user:

sudo -u postgres psql <database>

then, run these commands:

CREATE user <db_user> WITH password '<db_password>';
GRANT CONNECT ON DATABASE <database> TO <db_user>;
GRANT SELECT ON users TO <db_user>;


The commands are almost the same in MySQL:

login to MySQL as root:

sudo mysql -u root

Then run these queries:

CREATE user '<db_user>'@'localhost' WITH password '<db_password>';
GRANT SELECT ON <database>.users TO '<db_user>'@'localhost';

And you will be good to go!

Email Authentication

While this module helps in authenticating with diaspora, we need to set up mxisd for supporting authentication through email.


Follow the instructions here

Configuration & Setup

Follow this.

Basically, if you used the debian package, you just need to set up the matrix.domain first.

And then, add these lines to mxisd.yaml:

  enabled: true
  type: mysql
  connection: "//<HOST>/<DATABASE>?user=<USERNAME>&password=<PASSWORD>"
    type: 'uid'
    query: "select (case when ?='email' then username else null end) as uid from users where email=?"

Where <HOST>, <DATABASE>,``<USERNAME>`` and <PASSWORD> are your database host, diaspora database, user and password you created when you set up database for synapse-diaspora-auth

Now follow the steps here. ie, forward the /_matrix/client/r0/login endpoint to mxisd and add

  - name: '<DOMAIN>'
    value: 'http://localhost:8008'

where <DOMAIN> is your matrix server name.

An Apache2 reverse proxy example is already given here. An example nginx configuration would be this:

location /_matrix/client/r0/login {
    proxy_pass http://localhost:8090/_matrix/client/r0/login;
    proxy_set_header Host $host;
    proxy_set_header X-Real-IP $remote_addr;
    proxy_set_header X-Forwarded-For $proxy_add_x_forwarded_for;

Make sure to put this above other matrix reverse proxy directives. And Congrats! You now have a competely integrated synapse - diaspora setup! :D