Version 4.50 released.

[10 January 2018 Release 4.50]

  • Importing data from other software made more easy.
  • Edit facility for Invoice.
  • Edit facility for User(Admin Only).
  • Consgnee details can be added in Delivery Note.
  • Fixed bugs in interface for creating Invoice, Cash memo and Delivery Note.
  • Fixed save and print in Delivery Note.
  • Fix for View Invoice and Print of Invoice.
  • Fixed alignment in Print of Cash Memo.
  • Consignee details get loaded from Delivery Note.
  • List of unpaid invoices in Add Receipt/Payment Voucher interface.
  • Amount Paid in Invoice gets automatically updated in Receipt/Payment Voucher if Invoice is selected.
  • Fixed export to spreadsheet and modified labels in Unbilled Deliveries report.
  • Clicking on username in ticker takes user to change password page.