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Bankdetails in edit orgnisation field.

Work done in gkwebapp.

I) Editor organisation.jinja2 [File Name]

    1) added bank details label and field in edit organisation table.

    2) Added four fields in bank details modal body.
         account number, bank name, branch name and ifsc number.

    3) Added done button id named as bankdel_done. and ESC button.

    4) Performed validation for all fields of bankdetails including done button and save button of an edit Organisation table.

II) Editorganisation.js [File Name]

    1) Done code for focus on first field after clicking on an add bank details field.

    2) Performed key down and key up events for all fields including save button.

    3) Performed change events for all fields.

    4) Performed code for all validations including save button.

    5) Done code form_data.append for bankdetails which is converted in json format and sent to database.
         created dictionary named bankdetails
         var dictionary={}

III) [File Name]

    1) If bank details are available then it will perform following code
         gkdata["bankdetails"]=json.loads(request.params["bankdetails"]) to convert in json format.

Closes #863 (closed)

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