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Bank Details in Add Cust/Supp, Edit Cust/Supp and Cust/Supp popup.

Reshma Atmaram Bhatawadekar requested to merge RESHMA/gkwebapp:bankstar into devel

Please refer merge request !35 (merged) in gkcore.

  1. Bank details fields are added for Supplier in Add cust/Supp , Edit Cust/Supp and Cust/Supp popup.
  2. Enter key events and change event written on Add cust/Supp , Edit Cust/Supp and Cust/Supp popup for bank details.
  3. vertical scroll bar is given to the Supplier in Edit Cust/Supp.
  4. Bank details are sent only if bank details are present otherwise it send null.
  5. Close sign given to the create custsuppopup.
  6. There is message for No Cust/Supp found if cust/sup not present in Edit Cust/Supp.

Work is remaining - (the details of Supplier's bank accounts will be auto populated and will not have to be entered every time goods are purchased from the supplier in Invoice.)

closes #852

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