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## December 30, 2018
Venue : Museum compound, Thiruvananthapuram
Time : 4:00 PM - 7:00 PM
## Participants
- Anupa
- Reshma
- Sujith
- Athul R T
- Gokul Das
- Rakesh
## Discussions
These are the main topics discussed in the meeting:
### Creating the Website by conducting Hackathon:
ICFOSS will give the permission to use the computer lab to community members to conduct training programmes and activites there, once they move to the Sports Hub.
- Hackathon should be conducted to create new website using Hugo.
- Harigovind is ready to take the session on Hugo.
- Also along with the community members, studentsare also allowed to take part in such programmes.
- The website can be hosted in fosscommunity git.
### Organizing Public Programme
- A public programme should be conducted in Manaveeyam Veedhi as we did in 2017.
- More planning should be done in coming meetings.
- Enough publicity should be given to the programme this time.
### Co-Working Space
- Discussion on need of co-working space was made.
- It would be good if we could have some co-working space in Trivandrum city.
### General Topic
- Gokul Das discussed about Open Hardware and its relevance.
Prepared by: Athul R T @athulvis
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