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  1. Node


  1. Install Node ( Welcome to the world of Node <3 )
  2. run npm install -g gulp-cli


  1. npm install from root folder

Running the application

  • gulp serve - starts a local server and keeps watching the file changes

Under the Hood!

Okay, Let's look at it one by one.

We installed Node so that we can use Grunt ( The super awesome javascript task runnner).

But why do we even need a task runner? I'm sure you guys had fun at Selenium workshop, automating things. Grunt helps you automate a lot of things.

Now, take a look at package.json file. You'll see a lot of grunt-* dependencies each serving a special purpose in your project. eg. grunt-contrib-concat is for concatenating files.

Now, Gruntfile.js: This is where you configure/define your grunt tasks. Let's see what all things are defined there now.

Look at jshint

jshint: {
  main: {
      files : [{
          src : ['Gruntfile.js', 'js/**/*.js']
  options: {
    globals: {
      'jQuery': true,
      'angular': true,
      'console': true,
      '$': true,
      '_': true,
      'moment': true

Here main corresponds to a subtask. That means you run this task as grunt jshint:main. grunt jshint, as you would expect, will run all the subtasks associated with jshint(In this case we've only one, ie main)

Now, what does this jshint:main task do?

It checks all the files (ie,Gruntfile.js and all the javascript files within js folder) for syntax errors.

Similarly we've htmlhint, pug and concat.

Now the cool part! watch is the task which lets you watch different files for changes and runs associated task whenever some change happens. for example,

js: {
    files: 'js/**',
    options: {
        nospawn: true,
        livereload: true
    tasks: ['jshint', 'concat']

This portion inside watch configures jshint and uglify to be run whenever files inside js folder (js/**) changes.

Is that a lot to take in?

Just one more! connect task starts a local server at http://localhost:8080. It also inject a script to your page that keeps a live connection to the server, so that browser will automatically refresh whenever you change and save code. Doesn't that sound awesome to you?

Let us know ;)


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