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title: "I've registered for the camp, now what?"
date: 2021-09-22T22:23:44+05:30
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### Welcome to Software Freedom Camp Diversity Edition 2021!
Congrats on completing the registration process.
## Make sure you've completed the following:
- [x] You have submitted the registration form.
- [x] You have subscribed to camp-announce list, that you have received your secret code via the confirmation email. If you did not receive a secret code and if you have mentioned this in the registration form, someone from the organizing team will contact you via email.
## Next Steps
- [ ] Attend to the registrations confirmation meeting, you will be notified via camp-announce list.
- [ ] We use free/libre software for our communication. Please install one of three applications mentioned below to join the camp chat room. We recommend you install [Quicksy](https://quicksy.im/) and joining via the following link: [xmpp:sfcamp2021-dived@groups.poddery.com?join](xmpp:sfcamp2021-dived@groups.poddery.com?join) (this link should work for other XMPP clients as well.).
Quicksy requires a phone number to create an account. In case you do not have access to a phone number or prefer not to use your phone number to create an XMPP account, you can follow this [guide](https://ravidwivedi.in/posts/xmpp-guide/) to create an XMPP account without a phone number on Android.
If you prefer Matrix or IRC, you can use the links given below:
- **Matrix**: https://matrix.to/#/#sfcamp:poddery.com
- **IRC** https://kiwiirc.com/nextclient/irc.pirateirc.net:+6697/#sfcamp
Joining any one of the above mentioned room via the respective application is sufficient as all three rooms are inter-connected.
In case you're facing difficulties to install an application or joining the room and need help, please do not hesitate to [ask](https://camp.fsci.in/#contact).
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