JetBrains supports glChAoS.P ⋅ wglChAoS.P

many thanks to JetBrains for donating o.s.license for all their excellent products

glChAoS.P ⋅ wglChAoS.P ==>

What's new in v1.5.3 In TransformFeedback multi-dot emitter (for "continuous" dp/dt attractors)

Split View: in addition to PiP now is possible to visualize, side by side, both cockpit and standard view
Cockpit view have now possibility to select both fixed distance (from core) or fixed time interval (variable distance by speed)
Magnitude (size) for starting emitted particles
Magnitude intensity
Magnitude attenuation over time

Other news

Available settings for glow effect: mixing between standard gaussian-blur and "pure" glow effect
wglChAoS.P (WebGL) now have also dual pass gauss/blur/glow effects
new fastPRNG tool: it includes xoshiro / xoroshiro (Blackman/Vigna), xorshift and other Marsaglia algorithms.

*Please view previous releases for all news Known Issues

Some attractors, presnt in the additional SavedList, may not have optimized parameters for the new features


binary file for Windows 32bit is no longer provided, it can however be compiled via VisualSudio.
(or contact me if you need it)


No installer provided / needed: just download the binary archive (it contains all binaries for all O.S.) and decompress it in a folder whatever: only the internal directories structure must be preserved. Added tarball glChAoSP_release.tar.gz for Linux users: it's same but maintains executable attributes for binaries. (I am available for any problem). WebGL live / online version 1.5.3

The WebGL/WebAssembly version is online at this link: wglChAoS.P

With the new Attractors website pages you have full access to math formulas, computational code, and permit you to explore interactively any single attractor: AttractorsFormula Soon also

*Please read the warnings and hardware/software requirement glChAoSP_release.zipglChAoSP_release.tar.gz