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## Proceedings of Previous Meetings & Events
### Februray 2018
- [Meeting on 18th](proceedings/ [Planning Session]
### September 2017
- Public Outreach Campaign on 16th (Software Freedom Day): Demonstration of Free Software
- [Event Report](proceedings/
February 18th, 2018
Venue : Museum compound, Thiruvananthapuram
Time : 3:00 PM - 5:30 PM
## Participants
- Aswin Karuvally
- Gokul Das
- Rakesh
Following Topics discussed related to the outreach activities of FSUG-TVM:
## Website
It would be nice to have a proper website for FSUG.
- So that our activities can be archived properly in a forum. Our achievements can be
recorded, and the website can be used for outreach activities.
- An FAQ section in the website can be maintained to address the newbie questions
about FOSS.
- A Ticketing in website will be useful in giving help to new memebers of the group.
Today, all the knowledge we generate as part of team work is lost in the chatrooms/groups.
- Events can be communicated to the public more effectively.
Aswin will enquire the possibility of College of engineering giving FSUG a server to
host the said website.
## Events
We should be able to hold events periodically and make record of them so that we can
document our work. New members people will know we have an active group.
It would be nice if we can have atleast one event per month. on a fixed day, like first
sunday for example.
Following ideas were proposed for events. Feasibility has to be discussed by the community.
- Good quality Training classes on various topics. This can be a paid event. We can generate
fund for activities of FSUG like this.
- GIT classes can be handled by Aswin / Gokul
- Talks / Discussions about freedom and open source
- Exibit gaming capability of Linux
- Exhibit examples of open hardware.
- Conduct Install fest
- Conduct surveys - for the community to understand one on one, how much people know/care
about FOSS, and as an opportunity to spread the word and invite people to the group.
Also, the survey data can be analysed and used later on. Related to this, it was observed,
that the existing pamphlet we have on FOSS, even though good, needs to be redone to a
format where the message is quickly delivered.
Prepared by: Rakesh @niranjnn01
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