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Minutes of meeting held on Sun 24th Dec 2017

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# FSUG TVM meeting sunday 24/12/2017
- Venue : Museum (2.30 to 6 pm)
### Attended members
1 Aji
2 Hari
3 Kamal
4 Tanzeem
5. Kiran (friend of Aswin, Fsug tvm) from Ernakulam was available on phone
Kiran has working experience on importing RYF devices on need.
I have told him that we will get back to him based on need and how we can go forward in the open hardware way.
The meeting went in the open hardware way.
For selling RYF(Respect Your Freedom) devices
Based on Mr. Tanzeem's suggestion the following activities were
1. Shopping cart application (assigned to Hari)
2. client (smartphone app that is cross-platform) -work assigned to Kamal and Hari
3. E-magazine for FSUG which may later be a print-magazine (This was discussed last Sunday itself)
4. Open-street mapping for Thiruvananthapuram (TBD, pls discuss in the group (probably from next sunday) or based on time and availability of members)
5. Maintaining a server for FSUG with e-mail for members and for others on request with 3 or 4 Rasp Pi (Suggested by Aji)
6. Mastering knowledge in use of GIMP, LibreOffice Writer/Calc and Scribus which will be useful for FSUG's future activities.
Hari have told that he knows these well including Tex.
7. For document management for use of managing FSUG's documents Mayan EDMS is suggested (not discussed in the meeting)
8. Also the need for fund raising for the activities was put forward by Aji and acknowledged.
## Shopping cart application
A shopping cart application based on Python/Django for buying and selling
hardware that is RYF / freedom friendly
Customizing one from the following is suggested
Lightning Fast Shop Technology:
Python 2.6
License: BSD
Easy-to-use and powerful administration interface
One-Page Checkout with user account and/or anonymous
Payment: via cash on delivery, bank account, PayPal and credit cart
Variable payment prices, shipping methods
Products catalog, categories
Read more
Sample: developed by quintagroup - Powered by LFS
Showcases: 34+ sites
Other options
## Creating an client for smartphone
### Requirements
- Download the xml from
with search facility of hardware devices
- The list should be given in the priority of most RYF -friendly
- Notify the RSS feed updates in
- A desktop client may be installed in your OS
### Must read guidenlines
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