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## January 13, 2018
Venue : Museum compound, Thiruvananthapuram
Time : 5:00 PM - 7.00 PM
## Participants
- Athul R T
- Rakesh
## Discussions
These are the main topics discussed in the meeting:
### Public Programme
- Buy a canvas stall and it can be put in Manaveeyam Veedhi once every week for Free Software consultaiton.
- It can be put during college fests happening in Thiruvananthapuram also.
### Creating Brochure on FSUG-TVM
- Can be circulated during public programme and other events
- Important contents to be included in brochure:
1. Introduction: About FSUG and its importancevitie
2. Activities conducted: usual programmes, meetings, hackathons, technical sessions workshops etc.
3. Upcoming activities
4. Where can you find us: Links of website, matrix, telegram, loomio, mailing list should be given.
### Expanding Community
- We should let people know about this community so that we can support them if they need help regarding free software.
- Collect contact details from participant registration list of Stallman's speech at Mascot Hotel and let them know about FSUG TVM.
Prepared by: Athul R T @athulvis
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