Commit 5d8f4b8c authored by Prajkta_Patkar's avatar Prajkta_Patkar
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taxflag=22 column word removed

parent 192131ca
......@@ -123,7 +123,7 @@ class api_organisation(object):
# this is to clean null and empty values during old vat based invoices
self.con.execute("update invoice set taxstate = null where taxstate = '' or taxstate = 'none'")
self.con.execute("alter table invoice add consignee jsonb, add sourcestate text ,add discount jsonb ,add taxflag integer default 22, add reversecharge text, add bankdetails jsonb,add transportationmode text,add vehicleno text,add dateofsupply timestamp")
self.con.execute("update invoice set column taxflag = 22 ")
self.con.execute("update invoice set taxflag = 22 ")
self.con.execute("alter table delchal drop column issuerid")
# self.con.execute("ALTER TABLE delchal DROP CONSTRAINT delchal_custid_fkey, ADD CONSTRAINT delchal_custid_fkey FOREIGN KEY (custid) REFERENCES customerandsupplier(custid)")
# self.con.execute("ALTER TABLE invoice DROP CONSTRAINT invoice_custid_fkey, ADD CONSTRAINT invoice_custid_fkey FOREIGN KEY (custid) REFERENCES customerandsupplier(custid)")
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