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update sha256sums and create update checklist

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......@@ -71,3 +71,9 @@ netstat -ntap | grep 3000
If the diaspora service is not running, check its service log file at
Update Checklist
When updating diasora-installer to a new release, change diaspora_version in
diaspora-common.conf and update sha256sum in sha256sums.
9800332dbfc18844e3bf3fba18b792ce6aec54abd9884cc6eac8f0de27a538b0 /var/cache/diaspora-installer/diaspora-
3a377c27e423a0cfa48988a62299bd92e9650eb89c482e5c63fd39a22bd4aadc /var/cache/diaspora-installer/diaspora-
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