Commit 1abf96fb authored by Pierre-Yves Chibon's avatar Pierre-Yves Chibon

Document the PAGURE_ADMIN_USERS option in the doc and the sample configuration file

parent 85ca6c6c
......@@ -286,6 +286,26 @@ communicate with the EventSource server.
Defaults to: ``0``.
Authentication options
List of groups, local or remotes (if the openid server used supports the
group extension), that are site admin. These admins can regenerate the
gitolite configuration, the ssh key files, the hook-token for every project
as well as manage users and groups.
List of usernames that are site admin. These admins have the same rights as
the user in the admin groups (listed above) as well as admin rights to
every projects hosted on this pagure instance.
Optional options
......@@ -19,6 +19,9 @@ DB_URL = 'sqlite:////var/tmp/pagure_dev.sqlite'
### The FAS group in which the admin of pagure are
ADMIN_GROUP = ['sysadmin-main']
### Hard-coded list of global admins
### The email address to which the flask.log will send the errors (tracebacks)
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