Commit 1323835a authored by Pierre-Yves Chibon's avatar Pierre-Yves Chibon

Add an avatar_email field to the projects table

This field is aimed at saving the identifier used in libravatar
parent badd09ba
"""add an avatar email for project
Revision ID: 3c25e14b855b
Revises: b5efae6bb23
Create Date: 2015-06-08 12:05:13.832348
# revision identifiers, used by Alembic.
revision = '3c25e14b855b'
down_revision = 'b5efae6bb23'
from alembic import op
import sqlalchemy as sa
def upgrade():
''' Add the column merge_status to the table pull_requests.
sa.Column('avatar_email', sa.Text, nullable=True)
def downgrade():
''' Remove the column merge_status from the table pull_requests.
op.drop_column('projects', 'avatar_email')
......@@ -256,6 +256,7 @@ class Project(BASE):
description = sa.Column(sa.Text, nullable=True)
_settings = sa.Column(sa.Text, nullable=True)
hook_token = sa.Column(sa.String(40), nullable=False, unique=True)
avatar_email = sa.Column(sa.Text, nullable=True)
parent_id = sa.Column(
sa.ForeignKey('', onupdate='CASCADE'),
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