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Documentation for user.

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......@@ -278,7 +278,7 @@ class api_user(object):
Following function update user in the users table.
Following function update user, in the users table.
It may also have a list of goids for the godowns associated with this user.
The frontend must send the role as Godown In Charge for this.
......@@ -298,11 +298,11 @@ class api_user(object):
dataset = self.request.json_body
if userRole["gkresult"]["userrole"] == -1:
dataset["orgcode"] = authDetails["orgcode"]
#This is give userrole of old user
# "originalrole" gives userrole of old user
originalrole = getUserRole(dataset["userid"])
if int(originalrole["gkresult"]["userrole"]==3):
result = self.con.execute(gkdb.usergodown.delete().where(gkdb.usergodown.c.userid==dataset["userid"]))
#This is give userrole of new user
#dataset["userrole"] gives userrole of new user
if dataset.has_key("userrole"):
if int(dataset["userrole"])== 3:
golists = tuple(dataset.pop("golist"))
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