Commit ac561e24 authored by Nitesh Laxman Chaughule 's avatar Nitesh Laxman Chaughule
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if condition check old user userrole and if it is godownkeeper then delete it.

parent cfa5a085
......@@ -252,7 +252,7 @@ class api_user(object):
This function update user in the users table.
Following function update user in the users table.
It may also have a list of goids for the godowns associated with this user.
This is only true if goflag is True.
The frontend must send the role as Godown In Charge for this.
......@@ -271,13 +271,15 @@ class api_user(object):
self.con =eng.connect()
userRole = getUserRole(authDetails["userid"])
dataset = self.request.json_body
print dataset
if userRole["gkresult"]["userrole"] == -1:
dataset["orgcode"] = authDetails["orgcode"]
if int(dataset["userrole"])== 3:
#This is give userrole of old user
originalrole = getuserrole(dataset[userid])
if int(originalrole ==3):
result = self.con.execute(gkdb.usergodown.delete().where(gkdb.usergodown.c.userid==dataset["userid"]))
#this is give userrole of new user
if int(dataset["userrole"])== 3:
golist = tuple(dataset.pop("golist"))
print golist
result = self.con.execute(gkdb.users.update().where(gkdb.users.c.userid==dataset["userid"]).values(dataset))
lastid = dataset["userid"]
for goid in golist:
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