Commit 77329d47 authored by Abhijith Balan's avatar Abhijith Balan
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Invoice single get now returns delivery challan date also

parent 9fece18e
......@@ -298,10 +298,11 @@ There will be an icFlag which will determine if it's an incrementing or decreme
result =self.con.execute(select([dcinv.c.dcid]).where(dcinv.c.invid==invrow["invid"]))
dcid = result.fetchone()
if result.rowcount>0:
dc = self.con.execute(select([delchal.c.dcno]).where(delchal.c.dcid==dcid["dcid"]))
dc = self.con.execute(select([delchal.c.dcno, delchal.c.dcdate]).where(delchal.c.dcid==dcid["dcid"]))
delchalData = dc.fetchone()
inv["dcdate"] = datetime.strftime(delchalData["dcdate"],"%d-%m-%Y")
inOut = self.con.execute(select([stock.c.inout]).where(and_(stock.c.dcinvtnid==dcid["dcid"], stock.c.dcinvtnflag==4)))
inOutData = inOut.fetchone()
if inOutData != None:
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