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Added changelog for version 4.50. Added Nitesh's name to AUTHORS list.

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......@@ -2,6 +2,7 @@ Active Contributors
"Abhijith Balan" <>
"Mohd. Talha Pawaty"<>
"Nitesh Chaughule"<>
"Prajkta Patkar" <>
"Reshma Bhatawadekar" <>
[9-January-2018 Release 4.50]
* Function in Bill Wise API that returns all unpaid invoices.
* Function in Bill Wise API that returns both unpaid and partially paid invoices.
* Function in User API that returns list of users having same role and their role.
* Function in User API that returns all data of a user(accessible only to admin).
* All details of a user can be edited by admin.
* Consignee details can be added in Delivery Note.
* Function in Godowns API to return name and address of all godowns that contain products.
* Modified PUT of Invoice API.
[10-November-2017 Release 4.25 Update]
* Permissions to Godown In Charge modified.
* CESS field added in invoice and cash memo.
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