Commit 2ac1cdec authored by Nitesh Laxman Chaughule 's avatar Nitesh Laxman Chaughule
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This will gives only the particular user assigned godown list.

parent a93cc7f8
......@@ -146,7 +146,7 @@ class api_user(object):
# if user is godown in-charge we need to retrive associated godown/s
if User["userrole"] == 3:
User["userroleName"] = "Godown In Charge"
usgo = self.con.execute(select([gkdb.usergodown.c.goid]).where(gkdb.users.c.userid == authDetails["userid"]))
usgo = self.con.execute(select([gkdb.usergodown.c.goid]).where(gkdb.usergodown.c.userid == self.request.params["userid"]))
goids = usgo.fetchall()
userGodowns = {}
for g in goids:
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