Commit 02262d94 authored by Prajkta Patkar's avatar Prajkta Patkar Committed by Prajkta_Patkar
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checked presence of voucher no in POST of voucher and called function accordingly

parent c89b293b
......@@ -67,7 +67,7 @@ class api_transaction(object):
self.request = Request
self.request = request
self.con = Connection
def __genVoucherNumber(self,voucherType,con):
def __genVoucherNumber(self,voucherType,orgcode,con):
Generates a new vouchernumber based on vouchertype and max count for that type.
......@@ -150,6 +150,11 @@ class api_transaction(object):
if dataset.has_key("instrumentdate"):
dataset["instrumentdate"] = datetime.strptime(instrumentdate, "%Y-%m-%d")
# generate voucher number if it is sent.
if dataset.has_key("vouchernumber") == False:
vchNo = self.__genVoucherNumber(self.con,voucherType,dataset["orgcode"])
dataset["vouchernumber"] = initialType
result = self.con.execute(vouchers.insert(),[dataset])
for drkeys in drs.keys():
self.con.execute("update accounts set vouchercount = vouchercount +1 where accountcode = %d"%(int(drkeys)))
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