Add wayanad install fest

parent edeb97b7
id: "0"
name: "GNU/Linux Install Fest - Wayanad"
lat: ""
lng: ""
locationame: "Pazhassi Library, Mananthavady"
organizedby: "FSUG Wayanadu"
when: "2017-06-17 10:00 AM to 02:00 PM"
description: "GNU/Linux install fest"
contactinfo: "TBA"
imgurl: ""
id: "0"
name: "dummy1"
lat: "dummy"
lng: "dummy"
locationame: "dummy"
organizedby: "dummy"
when: "2017-06-11 12:30:33"
description: "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipiscing elit, sociosqu proin a senectus risus mauris dignissim, gravida aliquam hac ut porttitor fermentum. Justo conubia odio netus etiam tempus sapien curae ullamcorper, inceptos fames cursus ridiculus orci sociosqu platea, aptent gravida natoque at tempor per pulvinar. Orci duis habitant nisi lacus congue, platea ullamcorper euismod sociosqu mauris, porttitor interdum blandit aenean."
contactinfo: "dummy"
imgurl: ""
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