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......@@ -45,3 +45,10 @@ This will generate the files in a directory called `public`. These files can now
- Run the `generate-site` script (present in the Scripts folder in the root folder) from the website folder.
- Switch to the `production` branch.
- Run the `update` script, commit the changes in git and push the changes to production branch.
### How to update website in production
- First you need ssh access to the server ([contact]( the camp team for the same).
- Add the server as a remote: `git remote add camp ssh://` (Replace USERNAME with the original username).
- Switch to the production branch: `git checkout production`.
- Push the changes to the newly added remote: `git push camp production`.
- That's it. A [post-receive hook]( on the remote will update the website automagically.
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