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1.6ver 1.6.0 WiP - new features

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<h1 align="center"> <a href="">glChAoS.P &#x22C5; wglChAoS.P - Ver 1.5.3</a></h1>
[**glChAoS.P**]( / [**wglChAoS.P**]( open**gl** / **w**eb**gl** **Ch**aotic **A**ttractors **o**f **S**light (**dot**) **P**articles
A real time 3D strange attractors scout... and hypercomplex fractals
To view all Attractors / Fractals currently inserted in this version, follow the link: [**Attractors Formulas**](
......@@ -35,6 +36,7 @@ Is also possible to travel, in first person (cockpit view), within the particles
***Lorenz Attractor** - click on image to "explore" it in WebGL*
&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;*use "**v**" key or "**cockpit**" button (from **Attractors** tools window) to switch to subjective view (on right)*
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