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March 4th, 2018
Venue : Museum compound, Thiruvananthapuram
Time : 3:00 PM - 5:30 PM
## Participants
- Rakesh
- Gokul Das
- Ashish
Following topics were discussed related to the outreach activities of FSUG-TVM:
## Website
In the previous meeting, the group discussed the need for a website. The meeting
saw 2 proposals
- Start / Buy a new domain, and then link it from the current FSUG-TVM website.
- Redirect the requests to []( to a new server that would be
made online in the coming months.
For hosting, we could
- Ask a machine from CET's labs. Aswin Karuvally would look into this.
- We could send a letter of proposal to ICFOSS stating the same and if they're OK with sponsoring
a server.
The new website would contain
- Forums - Running [discourse](
- Surveys - Choices include [limesurvey](, [loomio](
- Issue Ticketing - Need to check out viable options for this in the next meeting.
- Gallery - Link to FSCI's excellent gallery. We would use their service.
An issue regarding Single Sign On (SSO) for the services was also talked about. This is pushed to the next
meeting as well.
The url scheme for the new site and it's services was also mapped.
But this would only be confirmed in later meetings. A rough map included
`/forum`, `/survey`, `/events`, `/gallery`, `/login` and `/posts` from ``
There was a huge debate regarding nginx proxying scenarios to these services, if ICFOSS decided to sponsor the server space. Gokul Das would confirm the status of this, after he tackles [DRBD](
## Events
- See points from [2018-02-18](
- A proposal for doing event surveys was also put forward.
## Security
Gokul Das shared his insights on TLS/PKI institutional issues quoting the recent [trustico]( incident.
Prepared by: Ashish @akts
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