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# ![Meetings Icon](static/meetings_logo.jpg) MEETINGS
Plans and proceedings of meetings conducted by Free Software Users' Group, Trivandrum are
preserved here. They can be accessed from links below.
Proceedings of meetings and plans of activities conducted by Free Software Users' Group,
Trivandrum are preserved here. They can be accessed from links below.
## Next Meeting
## Next Event
Date : August 20th, 2017
Time : 2:00 PM to 5:30 PM
Venue : SPACE, Vellayambalam
Date : To be decided
Time : To be decided
Venue : To be decided
Topics :
1. Intermediate Git (Gokul Das)
2. Collaboration using GitLab (Gokul Das)
3. Introduction to Python (Aswin Karuvally)
1. To be decided
## Previous Meetings
## Meeting Plan
Meetings are usually planned on every Sunday. However, they are liable to change. Our
meetings are of 4 types:
- Planning Sessions
- Learning Sessions
- Social Coding Sessions
- Public Outreach Activities
## Proceedings of Previous Meetings & Events
### Februray 2018
- [Meeting on 18th](proceedings/ [Planning Session]
### September 2017
- Public Outreach Campaign on 16th (Software Freedom Day): Demonstration of Free Software
- [Event Report](proceedings/
- [Plan Sheet](plansheets/
### August 2017
- [Meeting on 13th](
- [Meeting on 27th](proceedings/ [Planning Session]
- [Meeting on 20th](proceedings/ [Learning Session]
- [Meeting on 13th](proceedings/ [Learning Session]
## Credits
**Meetings Logo:** [Scott Maxell](
......@@ -25,4 +41,3 @@ Shared from [](
under [CC BY-SA 2.0 license](
**Group Hosting:** [Free Software Community of India](
Software Freedom Day: September 16th, 2017
**Checklists, Assignments and Plans**
Venue : Manaveeyam Samskara Veedhi, Vellayambalam
Time : 3:00 PM - 8:00 PM (After preparation)
## Volunteer Availability
Please add your names here:
- Ashish Kurian Thomas (@akts)
- Aswin Babu Karuvally (@karuvally)
- Athul R T (@athulvis)
- Jithin Thankachan (SPACE)
- Gokul Das B (@gokuldas)
- Madhav V (@madhav.v.1996)
- Tanzeem Mohammed Basheer
## Requirements Checklist
- Logistics (By decorators: Vaiga Sounds)
- Tent
- Tables * 2
- Chairs * 10
- Petrol genset
- Power extension boards
- Lighting
- Misc Logistics (by FSUG team)
- [x] Fuel for genset
- [x] Net routers
- [ ] Corner Table (Not needed)
- [x] Monitor for media centre (Volks)
- [x] 2 Laptops (Volks)
- [x] Cables as required
- Promotional materials
- [x] Banners
- [ ] Posters (abandoned)
- [x] Pamphlets (with contact info)
- [x] Tags for exhibits
- [x] NEWSPAPER announcement
- Website Updates
- [x] Update event information (by Ashish)
- Sponsorship support (ICFOSS/SPACE)
- [x] Finance
- [X] Permission for event
## Theme Allocation
- Laptop 1: General Desktop **[Allocated to: Jithin Thankachan]**
- [x] DE: Plasma/Gnome
- [x] Browser: Firefox
- [x] Video: VLC/SMPlayer
- [x] Keyring: KeePassXC
- Laptop 2: Games **[Allocated to: Madhav V]**
- [ ] Steam (Subscription failure)
- [x] DOTA2
- [ ] FOSS game titles
- RaspberryPi: Media Center **[Allocated to: Madhav V, Gokul Das]**
- [x] Kodi
- Laptop 3: Developement, Science and Research **[Allocated to: Aswin Babu Karuvally]**
- [x] Environments: i3, Zsh
- [x] Editor/IDE: Neovim, Aptana IDE (Genie demonstrated)
- [x] Programming: Python, C, C++
- [x] Scientific stack: Anaconda, Numpy, Matplotlib, Jupyter, R
- [ ] Document Authoring: LaTeX
- Laptop 4: Creativity tools **[Allocated to: Athul RT]**
- [x] Image Editor: Gimp
- [x] Video Editor: Kdenlive
- [x] Photography Suite: DarkTable
- [x] Video Converter: Handbrake
- [x] Audio Editor: Audacity
- Laptop 5: Office Tools **[Allocated to: Tanzeem Mohd Basheer]**
- [x] Office Suite: LibreOffice
- [x] DTP: Scribus
- [x] E-Book Manager: Calibre
- Open Hardware Demo [Allocated to: Gokul Das]
- [x] Arduino
- [x] Raspberry Pi
- [x] Papillio board
- [x] BusPirate
......@@ -37,10 +37,10 @@ Topics :
## Technical Session (Initial introduction)
The meeting was primarily a technical learning session aimed at getting members familiar
with Git and GitLab. The first agenda was to get everyone signed up on gitlab and in
[FSUG-TVM GitLab group]( All future experiments and social coding
projects of FSUG will be published in this group. The salient parts of the familiarization
program are listed below.
with Git and GitLab. The session was taken by Gokul Das @gokuldas. The first agenda was to
get everyone signed up on gitlab and in [FSUG-TVM GitLab group](
All future experiments and social coding projects of FSUG will be published in this group.
The salient parts of the familiarization programme are listed below.
### Install Git
Git is a version control system that provides the following features:
......@@ -145,3 +145,5 @@ git push
More detailed explanations were given at the meeting. More concepts will be introduced
in the next meeting.
Prepared by: Gokul Das B @gokuldas
August 20th, 2017
Venue : SPACE, Vellayambalam
Time : 2:00 PM - 6:30 PM
## Members Present
- Ashish Kurian Thomas
- Aswin Babu Karuvally
- Athul R T
- Gokul Das B
- Madhav V
- Pranav V
- Sachin Gracious
- Tanzeem Mohammed Basheer
## General Decisions
- FSUG-TVM development group migrated to from
- Tool study should be accompanied by development (Ashish)
- We aim to be full free software community with promotion, familiarization
and development
- Form a developer's communication channel (Ashish)
- Arrange a session for shell operations (Aswin)
- Do publicity campaigns, especially in colleges to attract more members
## Next Meeting
Date : August 27th, 2017
Time : 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM
Venue : SPACE, Vellayambalam
Topics :
1. Shell Commands & Scripting (Ashish Kurian Thomas)
## Technical Session (Intermediate Git)
Introduction to git was continued today with emphasis on internal data
representation inside the repository. The session was taken by Gokul Das
### Concepts
**Working Tree:** The working tree is the tree of source code where the
developer modifies code.
**Repository:** The directory inside which the snapshots of development and
other metadata are stored. It is usually a `.git` folder inside the working
Initializing a repository:
git init [name_of_working_tree]
**Blobs:** Source files stored inside repository with they sha1 hash as
**Tree Object:** Directories containing information about files. Stored like
blobs with sha1 hash as filename.
**Commit Object:** Contains information about commit. Holds commit message,
author, date and time, root tree object of the snapshot and pointer to parent
commit object/s. Stored again with sha1 hash as filename. Commit objects form
directed acyclic graph that records the evolution of source tree.
**Index/Stage:** The tree object that represents the change to be committed.
Working tree files are explicitly added using `git add filename` command to the
index. Every commit saves a snapshot of the index.
**References:** Pointers pointing to different commit objects. There are 3
types of references: **branches**, **tags** and **HEAD**.
**Branch:** A reference that tracks the progress of the working tree. The repo
tracks one branch at a time. The current branch is updated to the latest commit
everytime. Checking out a branch modifies the working tree to be the same as
the commit that the branch is pointing to.
List all branches:
git branch -v
Make a new branch at HEAD:
git branch branchname
Delete a branch:
git branch -d branchname
Checkout a branch (Make working tree same as branch commit, follow the branch):
git checkout branchname
**HEAD:** Tracks the latest commit from the working tree. Usually points to the
current branch.
**Remotes:** Pointers to other copies of the same repository. When you clone
from a repo, that repo is added by default as 'origin' remote.
List all remotes:
git remote -v
Show details of remote:
git remote show remotename
Add a remote:
git remote add remotename url_to_remote
Remove a remote:
git remote remove remotename
**Remote tracking branches:** Branches named in the format 'remote/branch'
(like origin/master), that points to the state of branches in that remote. You
cannot commit to these branches. These branches are automatically updated
during fetches, pulls and merges.
List all branches (including remote tracking ones):
git branch -va
Make a local branch from a remote branch:
git checkout -b branchname remotename/branch
**Branching:** Creating a new branch at current HEAD position. After checkout
of that branch, all new commits will proceed to the new branch.
**Merging:** Combining 2 different branches into one. You may have to resolve
conflicts manually if automatic merging algorithm can't decide what to do.
Merge branchA to branchB (an automatic merge commit will happen):
git checkout branchB
git merge branchA
Steps to do after resolving a merge conflict (commit will be merge commit):
git add filename
git commit
**Push:** Sending changes of local repo to remote. Only one branch is pushed at
a time.
Push mybranch to origin (with an optional new name):
git push origin mybranch[:newname]
Delete a remote branch:
git push -d orgin mybranch
Push branch to remote; set remote as push/fetch target for the branch:
git push -u remotename branchname
**Fetch:** Bringing commits from remote to local remote tracking branches. All
remote branches are fected at once.
git fetch [remotename]
**Pull:** A fetch followed by a merge from the upstream remote tracking branch
to the current branch.
git pull [remotename]
Prepared by: Gokul Das B @gokuldas
August 27th, 2017
Venue : Kanakakkunnu Palace
Time : 3:00 PM - 6:15 PM
## Members Present
- Aji Ahamed
- Athul R T
- Dinu D
- Gokul Das B
- S Mohammed Shahin
## General Decisions
- Public actvites to be conducted for Onam (details below)
- Free Software demo & awareness raising
- No full time demo. Only peak hour participation
- Volunteers needed for software demo
- *Confirmation of activity based on availability of volunteers*
- **ASAP:** Funding and Venue to be worked out. Contact sponsors immediately
- **ASAP:** Pamphlet design and printing to be done
- Power and net requirements at venue to be worked out
## Next Meeting
Date : September 1, 2017
Time : 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM
Venue : TBD
Topics :
1. Preparation for public activities
## General Session
The following are the details of software demonstration to be done:
- Laptop 1: General Desktop
- DE: Plasma/Gnome
- Browser: Firefox
- Video: VLC/SMPlayer
- Keyring: KeePassXC
- Laptop 2: Games
- Steam
- RaspberryPi: Media Center
- Kodi
- Laptop 3: Developement, Science and Research
- Environments: i3, Zsh
- Editor/IDE: Neovim, Aptana IDE
- Programming: Python, C, C++
- Scientific stack: Anaconda, Numpy, Matplotlib, Jupyter, R
- Document Authoring: LaTeX
- Laptop 4: Creativity tools
- Image Editor: Gimp
- Video Editor: Kdenlive
- Photography Suite: DarkTable
- Video Converter: Handbrake
- Audio Editor: Audacity
- Laptop 5: Office Tools
- Office Suite: LibreOffice
- DTP: Scribus
- E-Book Manager: Calibre
- Open Hardware Demo
Prepared by: Gokul Das B @gokuldas
September 16th, 2017: Software Freedom Day
Venue : Manaveeyam Samskara Veedhi
Time : 3:00 PM - 8:00 PM
## Volunteers Present
- Aiswarya K K
- Aji Ahamed
- Ajmi A S
- Aravind Sekhar
- Ashish Abraham Joseph
- Ashish Kurian Thomas
- Aswin Babu Karuvally
- Athul R T
- Bibin Thomas
- Gokul Das B
- Jithin Thankachan
- Kannan V M
- Madhav V
- Sachin Gracious
- Sajaras K
- Tanzeem Mohammed Basheer
## Public Outreach Session
As part of [Software Freedom Day](, a stall
was setup at the cultural heart of the city - Manaveeyam Samskara Veedhi, by
FSUG in association with ICFOSS and SPACE to reach out to the common public to
promote awareness about Free Software and hardware. The modest stall was manned
by a combined team of FSUG members, ICFOSS and SPACE staff.
### Exhibition and Promotion
The stall had Laptops, Media Centre, Hardware and promotional handouts with the
following themes:
- General Desktop (Laptop)
- Games (Laptop)
- Software Development, Science & Research (Laptop)
- Creativity Tools (Laptop)
- Office Tools (Laptop)
- Media Centre (RaspberryPi + large screen)
- Open Hardware (Arduino, Raspeberry Pi, Papilio, BusPirate, STM32F3DISCOVERY)
- Pamphlet about philosophies and advantages of free software
The volunteers engaged the public on a wide range of topics, including:
- Philosophies and advantages of Free software
- General demonstration of all software
- Detailed demonstration of software as requested by individuals
- Guidance on specific software requirements
- Awareness on software security and safety of free software
- Demonstration of open hardware
- Guidance for general public to join the community and avail help
### Response from General Public and Outcome
Visitors turned out in large numbers and in a steady flow despite occassional
showers. Public was very enthusiastic in engaging the volunteers and learning
about free software and open hardware. Many visitors were present at the stall
for long time periods making queries, often on specific topics like media
editing, DTP software, software security, programming, robotics and scientific
stack. Many visitors came after seeing the news paper article. However, many
visitors who happened to visit the stall just by chance expressed how long they
were looking for help with free software.
The participation and response of the public unassailably demonstrates the
requirement for frequent public outreach and awareness campaigns on software
freedom, open technology and technology in general. Considering the response,
the activity should be considered an unequivocal success.
### Planning, Execution and Credits
**Planning:** The planning was done well in advance starting with the
[last meeting](proceedings/ Initially planned as a multiple day
campaign for Onam, it was later changed to a single day activity for software
freedom day. The plan was made and tracked using the
**Coordination:** Bulk of the coordination and arrangement was done by Athul,
with a lot of invaluable arrangement and contact contributions from Aiswarya.
Several other volunteers including Madhav, Ashish and Jithin got involved in
coodination at various stages of the activity, without whom, the activity
would have been nearly impossible. All the volunteers at the venue were
enthusiastic to setup the scene and engage the public.
**Pamphlet and Website:** A higlight of the campaign was a pamphlet that was
beautifully designed at short notice by Kannan. The pamphlet detailed the
advantages of free software, information about common free software
applications and contact information. It was printed under supervision of
Though the activity was planned at a short notice, the information was updated
on our [website]( with a quick action by Ashish.
**Improvements:** The actvities were well executed despite being done at last
moment. However, it should be considered as a learning opportunity and the
following improvements may be made for the next event:
1. Should inform media earlier with bigger news articles to attract more public
2. More media attention should be sought for the event to reach a wider audience
3. Should inform the nodal co-ordiantion agency for the event
(The international software freedom day committee in this case)
4. Should inform our higher level communities (like Free Software Community of
India and GNULinuxLovers) well in advance
5. Invite a few VIPs for public support
6. Should ask for a tent covered from 3 sides to avoid rain related issues
7. Should prepare and test exhibits in accordance to theme on the prior day
8. Keep all highlighted applications running continuously at the venue
9. Make a facility for immediate membership enrolment
**Special Thanks:** We are grateful to Director ICFOSS and Director SPACE, who
were constantly motivating the members to proceed against odds, difficulties and
uncertainites. ICFOSS and SPACE also played an instrumental role as as sponsor
and providing staging space and volunteers. We also thank the City Police Force
for the support and Manaveeyam theruvidam group for guiding us with the setup.
Prepared by: Gokul Das B @gokuldas
February 18th, 2018
Venue : Museum compound, Thiruvananthapuram
Time : 3:00 PM - 5:30 PM
## Participants
- Aswin Karuvally
- Gokul Das
- Rakesh
Following Topics discussed related to the outreach activities of FSUG-TVM:
## Website
It would be nice to have a proper website for FSUG.
- So that our activities can be archived properly in a forum. Our achievements can be
recorded, and the website can be used for outreach activities.
- An FAQ section in the website can be maintained to address the newbie questions
about FOSS.
- A Ticketing in website will be useful in giving help to new memebers of the group.
Today, all the knowledge we generate as part of team work is lost in the chatrooms/groups.
- Events can be communicated to the public more effectively.
Aswin will enquire the possibility of College of engineering giving FSUG a server to
host the said website.
## Events
We should be able to hold events periodically and make record of them so that we can
document our work. New members people will know we have an active group.
It would be nice if we can have atleast one event per month. on a fixed day, like first
sunday for example.
Following ideas were proposed for events. Feasibility has to be discussed by the community.
- Good quality Training classes on various topics. This can be a paid event. We can generate
fund for activities of FSUG like this.
- GIT classes can be handled by Aswin / Gokul
- Talks / Discussions about freedom and open source
- Exibit gaming capability of Linux
- Exhibit examples of open hardware.
- Conduct Install fest
- Conduct surveys - for the community to understand one on one, how much people know/care
about FOSS, and as an opportunity to spread the word and invite people to the group.
Also, the survey data can be analysed and used later on. Related to this, it was observed,
that the existing pamphlet we have on FOSS, even though good, needs to be redone to a
format where the message is quickly delivered.
Prepared by: Rakesh @niranjnn01
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