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Minutes of weekly meeting by FSUG-TVM 17/12/2017

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## Minutes of FSUG TVM Meeting
## Time :
@ 2 :30 pm to 5 pm 17 Dec 2017
### Members who attended
. Mr. Aji Ahmed ,System Admin , Ideas and Innovation Pvt Ltd
. Mr. Tanzeem M B, Programmer, C-DIT (Govt of Kerala)
### Venue: Zoo, Museum
#### Details of Discussion
. Discussion focussed on the usage of
`open hardware`, free firmware and how we
can develop and sell `RYF` certified devices
here , its prospectives like how we can
implement it by ourselves , how we can
harness the available resources within FSUG
. We also discussed about using `GNUKhata`
for the accounting of FSUG's activities.
We both who don't have an accounting background
decided to learn from the Plus Two Text book
of Kerala Syllabus.
. For moving FSUG's RYF activities ahead
we have planned to collaborate with `CDIT`
which is where Mr Tanzeem works and
other contacts in the IT field who have interest in FOSS
promotional activities.
. Since this meeting prior to `` scheduled to be held on 20th and 21st Dec 207
by `ICFOSS` has significance and the FOSS
community is awaiting the talk by the CEO ,
`purism` FSUG is eagerly awaiting the inevitable
change to the use of fully free hardware not
compromising a computer user's freedom
so that when he boots he uses `libreboot`
or `coreboot` and when he uses his computer OS
he uses only free firmwares and he can be
sure that all software he use is free software.
In addition he can also be sure that the
hardware accessories he uses are also
`non-tracking` and uses free firmwares.
Thank GNU's to ``, `FSF`, `GNU` ,
`DFF` , `EFF`.
Let's take this as an opportunity to move
ahead to provide hardware to the public that
respects user freedom.
Free as in free air free as in freedom
free software, free hardware.
Let the Almighty fulfill our good intentions
and bring us success.
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