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Changelog for version 4.25

See merge request gnukhata/gkcore!371
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[21-September-2017 Release 4.25]
*Gkupgrade modified as per modifications in gkdb
*List of users report
*Function in api_godown modified to get number of product a content.
*Api for billwise accounting
*List of vouchers in chronological order.
*Get function in api_log modified to get godowns associated with a godown in charge and sr no.
*Edit function of category modified to edit/delete/added child categories tax and specifications when its parent category's parameters are edited.
*Godown in charge user access corrected.
*Function to get customer details when account code is recieved and matches the same.
*Fromgodown column added in transfernote table and api also revamped.
*Function corrected to get godown wise product.
*Altered sales and purchase rules so that new sub-groups can also be added.
*Category wise stock on hand report.
*Sales and purchase registers.
*Modified unbilled deliveries function.
*Logo column added in organisation also api modified accordingly.
*Goprod table and functions related to it modified.
*Bank name,branch name,instrumentno,instrumentdate to store Bank details [Instrument details] in vouchers also functions get and post changed accordingly.
*List of transfernotes report.
*New columns in organisation table invsflag and billwiseflag to set Organisation preferences.
*List of invoices report.
*Removed issuerid column from delchal table.
*Gst compatibility work includes Multiple gstin column in customerandsupplier and organisation table.
*New columns consignee,freeqty,vehicle no,reversecharge,bank details transportation mode, date of supply ,discount added in invoice table Complete revamp of invoice code.
*new columns gscode and gsflag added in product table , also api_product modified to post and get services when organisation comes under gst taxation.
*Function to get GST or VAT type for respective organisation.
*State table created and insert statements written to populate table by state and it's stateid.
*Function modified to get just products and both.
[8-April-2017 Release 4.0 Update]
*Altered rules for sales and purchase for gst/vat implementations.
*Closing balance function now provides balance types (Dr/Cr) along with the balance.
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