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Release of 3.0 RC version of GNUKhata gkcore

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[09-June-2016 Release 3.0 RC]
* Complete revamp for the core API in REST.
* Added feature to show monthly ledgers.
* Inside ledger balance shown per transaction.
* Group wise balances with account count while creating accounts
* Improved bank reconciliation
* Added voucher type in search criteria
* Used json data type in CR and DR
* Voucher table now has attachment field for a future feature
* Big performance and speed improvements using alchemy connection pool.
* Changed framework from twisted to Pyramid.
[27-Jan-2016 Release 2.6.1]
* Minor improvements and bug fixes.
[3-Nov-2015 Release 2.6.0]
* Added the core logic for transaction security.
* System generated accounts will now also include Opening Stock and Stock at the Beginning.
* Improved the functionality of closebooks and rollover to include management of stocks.
* Minor improvements and bugs fixes.
[28-Aug-2015 Release 2.5.0]
* Implemented core functionality for advanced calculation of profit and loss as seperate
account heads along with facility of transferring closing stock as opening stock entry after rollover.
* Brought more stability to bank recon rpcs.
* Now no duplicate organisation can be created.
* Minor bug fixes.
[24-July-2015 Release 2.4.0]
* Corrected Bank Reconciliation Statement.
* Fundamental changes which refines the way closebooks and rollover works.
* Organizations with same names with different types can be safely created.
[06-June-2015 Release 2.3.2]
* Perfected CloseBooks and Rollover.
[15-May-2015 Release 2.3.1]
* Further refined Rollover and Closebooks.
* Corrected names of a few default accounts like Income and Expenditure.
[28-March-2015 Release 2.3]
* Added the stored procedure for remove user.
* Added the rpc for remove user.
* Added the stored procedures for getting and setting the security question and answer in case the
user forgets the login password.
* Added the rpc for getting and setting the the security question and answer in case the user forgets
the login password.
* Added the procedure for closebooks.
* Added the rpc for closebooks.
[3-March-2015 Release 2.2.1]
* Fixed a crutial bug where some times after deleting an account, we could not ad any more accounts.
* Update of Install file and adduser script for Fedora Distro.
* Added minor typo corrections in group heads.
[8-Nov-2014 Release 2.2.0]
* Major enhancement in the functionality of Bank Reconciliation, it also dispalys
the reconciled transactions which are above the reconciliation period along with it's actual reconciliation date.
* Added the functionality for getting Rollover status and also added the set and get rollover status.
* Added the logic for setting the roflag and booksclosedflag during rolover and closing of books.
[18-Oct-2014 Release 2.1.3]
* Solved regression where software was crashing while saving or skiping on initialsetup form
* Procedure syntax cahnged in rpc_main
* Added stored procedure and functionality for getting organization
* Bank reconciliation now also has opening balance
[8-Oct-2014 Release 2.1.2]
* Changed the hashbang to python2
* Altered update bank recon to have closing and grand total with total dr, cr.
* Further improvements in bank reco now closing balance and cr dr can be seen and the particulars
are properly seen.
* Added Stability in cash flow and negative amount can be seen
* finaly corrected the issue where payment with 0 would some tiems show as -0
[13-Sept-2014 Release 2.1.1]
* Fixed a major bug in Bank reconciliation to make the viewclearedanduncleared transactions consistent.
[19-Aug-2014 Release 2.1]
*Added new api for getclearedunclearedtransactions
*Added new rpc getreconciledtransactions in rpc_reports
*Updated deletclearedrecon stored procedure
[22-July-2014 Release 2.0.1]
* Fixed database connection issue during rollover
[7-Jul-2014 Release 2.0 ]
* added a new rpc function for getting list of accounts
* modified stored procedures to show all accounts on Dr and Cr side for Payment and reseapt respectively
* performance enhancement by removing code for creating unnecessary tables
* alteration to global attributes to find if projectwise accounting is available
* made 3 level user access possible -1: admin 0: manager 1: user
* added pid to a pidfile for start stop daemons
* all settings are now taken from configuration file
* major security enhancement where engine connects to postgres via unix sockets
* added scripts to create user and grant privileges
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