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"Ishan Masdekar" <>
"Mohd. Talha Pawaty"<>
"Navin Karkera" <>
"Parabjyot Singh" <>
"Pornima Kolte" <>
"Prajkta Patkar" <>
"Rahul Chaurasiya"<>
"Rohini Baraskar"<>
"Vaibhav Kurhe" <>
"Vanita Rajpurohit" <>
[30-March-2017 Release 4.0]
* Function for consolidated balancesheet of holding and subsidiary companies.
* Godown-in-charge and Internal auditor userrole added.
* API for Purchase order and Sales order.
* Attachment of file field added in invoice and delchal.
* Unbilled deliveries report.
* Stock on hand report.
* Godown wise stock on hand report.
* Function to get current balance of account.
* Multple drs and crs in a ledger report.
* A flatlist to get last 5 godowns created.
* Date field in stock .
* Modified stock report and godown wise stock report.
* Function to manage database upgrade.
[7-February-2017 Release 3.5.2 ]
* A flatlist to get all projects of organisation.
* A flatlist to get details of all accounts under a group.
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